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Author Services

At Monkey Paw Creative, we’re not just advertising types. We’re authors as well. Because of this, we understand the unique challenges that authors face.

Our author services are the same methods we use to sell our own books and create a brand for ourselves in the wild world of books. We offer the services below but, since we’re always trying new things ourselves, don’t be surprised if other services pop up from time to time.


Monkey Paw Author Branding Package   

You are your brand. It’s important to keep a consistent look and feel that properly communicates your image across all of your endeavors.


- Author identity (name design) & branding platform
- Twitter header image
- Facebook header image
- Web site header and graphics 

>> Yes, I want to create a consistent author branding platform.


Author Branding A La Carte

If you don’t want all of the elements from the branding package, you can request them individually. Each item does require that an author identity be created first.

Author identity (name design) & branding platform – $300 (required)
– Twitter header image  – $100
– Facebook header image – $100
– Blog header – $100
– Web site header and graphics – $200

>> Yes, I want to create a consistent author branding platform.


Monkey Paw Author Ad Graphics

Marketing your books is just about as important as writing the books, so your ad graphics need to be great. They need to represent the book and get people to want to know more. We have had great success with our ad graphics on both Facebook & Bookbub.

Ad Graphics 

Not all authors are looking for the same thing with their book marketing. We have found that it is on a per case basis depending on what kind of ad an author wants. Some want conceptual campaigns and others want single images with the book and type. Some are on multiple platforms and others are on one. We approach each one differently, so they are custom to the author. Please let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to give you an estimate.

>> Yes, I would like to get some great ad graphics to help sell my books.